Prosper Films for cars, buildings, and residences

Prosper Nano Film is derived from the latest technology of ceramic powders coating with nano technology coating on film through high technology called sputtering. Therefore, the film has high quality, does not blur, is not reflective, and does not interrupt GPS’s functioning. Moreover, it can protect UV more than 99% and infrared, 80%. Meanwhile, its useful life is longer than 10 years so it is very suitable for the person who needs premium film.      

Sputtered metalizing technology has been constantly developed in the United States. Argon Gas is loaded to replace vacuum condition in the coating room. Then positive electric charge with high speed will be released into metal sheet so that it will coat the film. After that, particle of metal sheet will spilt into small atoms and detach from metal sheet to coat on polyester that is basic material for manufacturing film. UV absorbers and scratch resistance hard coating will be coated and this will result in thin film with metal power coat. The film is durable and has highest capacity to protect the heat where such film is called “Prosper Window Film.” 


Properties of Prosper Films (PROSPER)    

1. Privacy
2. Reduce Glare
3. Optimum Heat Rejection
4. Safety & Security 
5. Protect against up to 99% UV 
6. Energy Saving
7. Reliable Window Film


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