AUTOMOTIVE  At present, there are many brands of films for cars. Each of them offers particular uniqueness as competitive strategy. Three questions that user needs to keep in mind in buying film are as follows: 1. What is the film? 2. What are purposes of the film?  and 3. How can we use the film?

Answers are as follows:
1. The film is clear polyester with layers such as glue layer, color layer, and quicksilver layer. Each model and each brand has its own manufacturing technology and this causes prices to be much different. 
2. Major purpose of the film is to reduce the heat and to protect UV that can harm the skin in case of too much adsorbing direct light from the sun. Normally, the more the film is dark (little light can pass by), the more the film and reject the heat. Furthermore, the film with more quicksilver has better capacity of heat reduction because it can reflect the heat on the mirror surface and this can much reduce the heat on the mirror surface.     

3. As for the third question’s answer, many factors must be included.

Color of car and film : this must be considered in order to enhance outstanding of car and driver.  
Vision: the dark film has better capacity of heat rejection because little light can pass by so it is suitable for the person who needs privacy. However, it will become harmful for driving at night. But there is new technology that allows high percentage of light to pass by, whereas capacity of heat reduction is still much satisfactory.  
Usage: the film’s benefit will be maximized during the day and this influences choice of clearness and light reflection
Safety :  Another benefit of the film is that it has some level of thickness (not much as safety film) so it can prevent the mirror from being broken and dropped down because the film will fix it and disperse the impact.
Sticking process : this is another important because if your film is damaged by sticking process, only way to deal with the problem is to replace it with the new one. This is more expensive because existing film must be peeled off.  Therefore, you should select creditable company that offers warranty after the process.  
Price :  Since there are many products and many prices based on production technology, we are welcome to provide counsel on products, sticking process, and after sale service that we have warranty for our products. In order to reduce your risk, we recommend you to stick films in some areas first so that you can see our working process and performance. 

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