COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Film plays an important role is present buildings and residences because they always set up mirrors to reduce building weight and to have modern and beautiful look. Since buildings are located in the sunlight, they easily absorb the heat from the outside and this causes air conditioners to work harder. Consequently, costs are increased.     

What are purposes of the film and how can we utilize it?  
1. The film is clear polyester with layers such as glue layer, color layer, and quicksilver layer. Each model and each brand has its own manufacturing technology and this causes prices to be much different. 
2. Major purpose of the film is to reduce the heat and to protect UV that can harm the skin in case of too much adsorbing direct light from the sun. Normally, the more the film is dark (little light can pass by), the more the film and reject the heat. Furthermore, the film with more quicksilver has better capacity of heat reduction because it can reflect the heat on the mirror surface and this can much reduce the heat on the mirror surface.     

There are many ways to reduce heat for building with mirror doors, windows, and walls. 

1. Applying curtain or sun-blind to protect the sunlight in spite of the heat inside the building.
2. Applying clear or colorful mirrors and having cabinets shaded the sunlight in spite of blocked view and the heat inside the building.
3. Applying colorful mirrors that can reduce the heat based on mirror darkness in spite of darkness inside the building owing to heavy darkness.
4. Sticking film on mirrors so as to reduce the heat where the 90% of the heat can be rejected.  

The film for building can fulfill other needs of residents as follows:
1. It can be used to decorate the building to make both inside and outside of its outstanding and beautiful.
2. It can be used to increase privacy for the person who needs to have clear outside view and would like outsiders to be unable to see the inside.
3. It can be used to increase safety where safety film is able to fulfill this.
4. It can fulfill interior design purpose where dim film and sticker can respond to such objective.    


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